Welcome to Kilmorack Gallery!

Kilmorack Gallery is one of Scotland's foremost commercial fine art galleries and specialises in work by some of the country's most interesting and collectable artists. Please visit us in our fine 18th century church or explore this website to find out more about our artists and our exhibitions.

'I established Kilmorack Gallery in 1997 with an unfashionably elitist love of the best. At this time I had little money and slept on a hidden mattress upstairs in the gallery but this philosophy has worked well and people now travel hundreds of miles to visit and you’ll no longer find the odd dirty sock in our stores.

'Over these fifteen years we’ve had many memorable exhibitions with incredible works. We’ve shown Gerald Laing’s 16’ high Anna Karina (1964) along with his weighty Hamburg Triptych. We’ve also shown Helen Denerley’s unforgettable wolf pack at the same time as James Hawkins’ first large Triptych which took up the whole end wall of the gallery. Peter White’s amazingly geological heads, shown together with Lotte Glob’s books, managed to move me as well as many others. I have always tried to push things to make them as good as possible and there have been many wonderful things shown – surreal, beautiful, large and small – too many to attempt to recall them here.' Tony Davisdon, Kilmorack Gallery's Director

2014 has been another exciting year in the gallery, and 2015 looks to be even better. More details will be announced soon, so keep an eye on this website or contact us to be added to the mailing list.

The beautiful rural Old Kilmorack Church (1786) which houses the gallery is also note-worthy. This magnificent building was disused for over twenty-five years before we took it over, starting a trend for reusing old churches as galleries in the Highlands.