KIRSTIE COHEN: ST KILDA | an Atlantic journey

20 July - 17 August 2019

Kirstie Cohen is one of Scotland's foremost landscape artists. This exhibition - St Kilda | an Atlantic journey - Cohen explores the wild isolation of St Kilda. 


"These paintings are my response to the landscape of St. Kilda.
With all the images fresh in my mind, I started to work out how to visually approach the task of producing a series of works, to express how inspired and overwhelmed I was at the sheer drama of the place. Being terrified of heights, I stayed clear of all the sheer cliff edges that were at the summit of every hill I climbed.
To see sea birds rise up above my head with an abyss below was unsettling. And of course I thought about the St. Kilda people scaling these cliffs for birds and eggs for their everyday survival.
I view this experience as the beginning of an exciting visual journey that has already taken me to places I have never before explored."


Kirstie Cohen, June 2019