Journeys close to home | CHRISTINE WOODSIDE: An exhibition of new work by CHRISINE WOODSIDE

21 May - 11 June 2022

Making something deep-rooted and rich and keeping it light and alive is a difficult art, but Woodside manages this.

Tony Davidson, from catalogue

...coming soon


There is something wonderful about CHRISTINE WOODSIDE’s paintings: the weave of life that’s painted into them, the many years of knowledge that come to bare and the sense of joy. This is the largest exhibition of her work we have had since Kilmorack first exhibited Woodside’s work almost twenty years ago. This show is unusual. All fifteen paintings are inspired by walks around Woodside’s Fife home, rather than trips away, to Italy or India, and this makes them connected in a special way. We hope you enjoy them.


We will post work here on Tuesday 10th May.