LIZZIE ROSE: woven skies

13 June - 1 July 2022

woven from layered moments

"All my work is a phenomenological response to place, to moving through air, sensing undercurrents, noting potent imagery, reflecting the, healing and illusion of being.


My drawings are a first response, to the rhythms, energy and scale of air, space, time and place.


The hidden landscape of night, offering peace and mystery, the rhythms of trees, dancers on the earth, interconnecting air and earth, harbingers of the seasons.


Living on the coast in Argyll the Paps of Jura, Scarba and the Corryvrechan: a potent landscape. Powerful currents below the surface of the waters, swirling between islands. It is a moving landscape, never still, resonating with age, beauty and spirit and the air we breathe connects us, weaving us into the landscape. Punto in Aria: Stitches in Air, lace-like, woven from the energy of place.


Aria: a solo song, using repetition and sequences. Both delicate and strong, reflecting a healing beauty found and felt, woven from layered moments."


Lizzie Rose, June 2022