'The two extremes of stillness and flow and the myriad activity between the two are what make watercolour, for me, the most natural medium with which to depict the extremes of the Northern landscapes. I have painted this subject for forty years and it continues to provide a source of excitement and exploration. I have no wish to simply record what I see. I do not seek sedate topographies often associated with the term ‘watercolour landscapes’. Instead I prefer the uncertain balance between abstraction and reality.'

Peter Davis


Peter Davis (b. 1953) works in the fluid medium of watercolour to create 'a microcosm of the natural world.' Based in Shetland, his paintings of the far North are more mindscape than landscape, reminiscent of the economy and grace of Chinese Art. The still centre of contemplation we experience in nature is distilled in Davis’ art.


'Sometimes very little is needed to capture everything. In Peter Davis’ hands watercolour takes on a new power.' Tony Davidson, Director, Kilmorack Gallery


Peter Davis was born in the North of England and has lived in Orkney and Shetland. His travels throughout Scotland and abroad fuel his paintings and process.