an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by PETER WHITE and HELEN DENERLEY

Kilmorack Gallery is delighted to bring together the work of Helen Denerley and Peter White in this exhibition. ‘Hollow’ explores a powerful hinterland – the land of empty bits and hollows. A place where absences are frequently more powerful than presences.


Helen Denerley and Peter White are hugely respected artists with past shows throughout the UK and beyond. This is a collaboration which Denerley and White have wanted to stage for many years, almost since I established Kilmorack gallery twenty years ago. It is a long-awaited single vision, in two distinct mediums, from two uniquely honed pairs of artistic eyes. Both artists have a shared aspiration to see into voids, and to take us to a place where everyday things have a life beyond the apparent. A world beyond the object is opened up to us, momentarily, through their work.