Stewart Lowe

Stewart Lowe has made sculpture for over fifty years. Initially he carved wood, before also working with stone and high-fired ceramics. Lowe’s core process is to find and release the form hidden within each piece of stone or wood. As far as possible, he uses materials found in the North of Scotland: marble, limestone and serpentine, or sycamore, gean and birch.

Lowe’s sensual sculptural line is inspired by the human body, inviting you to touch and explore. Ceramic pieces often reflect the female body, in an additive way, rather than the reductive carving of stone and wood. Low enjoys the contrast between hard and soft, organic and inorganic, and this play is one of the defining features of his work.

Stewart Lowe has taught sculpture in wood and ceramics for over twenty-five years and has exhibited in Valencia, Spain annually from 2001. He is represented in private collections in the UK, Europe and Australia.