Steve Dilworth (b. 1949) is one of the UK’s finest and most innovative artists. From objects of an intimate, hand held scale to monumental works in bronze and stone, Dilworth’s use of found and once living materials has been breaking new ground since the late 1970’s. Based on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides, his work begins with the raw energy of material. Drawn from the collective unconscious, the crafting of what is held within is just as important as the outer form, with no separation between the physical and metaphysical.

"I want to retrieve that moment of understanding, not by describing, but by making. Of course I'll fail, but in the chemistry of making another moment will appear. These objects are drawn from an internal landscape, of shifting sands. Connections are constantly being discovered".
Steve Dilworth

Steve Dilworth was born in Yorkshire and studied sculpture at Maidstone College of Art. Large scale public works include Venus Stone and Claw at Goodwood Sculpture Park, Gloucestershire, “Case” at Aberdeen University and he is represented in private collections in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA including the Richard Harris Collection, Chicago.