'As mythological creatures, dragons fly in the imagination, inhabiting the dreams of writers, artists, readers and viewers alike. My paintings occupy an analogous realm, operating in a space reminiscent of daydreams or areas of quietude within the mind. I endeavour to bring together both landscape and still life painting in ways not normally encountered. For me, it is exciting to employ a Chagall-like freedom to place anything anywhere and find a way to make sense of it all. In an increasingly busy and confusing world, I feel it is important to find solace for the soul, whether it is in art, music or literature, and these works are my contribution.'

Carolynda Macdonald


Carolynda Macdonald worked as a Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology from 1982-97. Since 1982, Macdonald has developed her painting practice, undertaking part-time courses in Life Drawing and Screen Printing in Chichester, London, Falmouth & Dundee.  Carolynda Macdonald is represented in public collections including the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, UCLH Arts, (Art UK) and private collections worldwide.