Henry Fraser’s naïve treatment of the human figure is both compassionate and revelatory in its abstraction. With none of the trappings of conventional portraiture, Fraser strips humanity back in pictorial, psychological and emotive terms. The profound sensitivity of his paint handling, positioning of the figure and expressionistic palette convey the joy, anguish and complexity of being human.


'When I start to paint, I go directly to the canvas. I have no sketches or photographs to refer to. I listen to music; sometimes to remove me from the conscious activity of painting and at other times to help me focus on what’s developing in front of me. I’m not at all interested in capturing the likeness of an individual or portraying the human figure accurately, but in conveying the mystery and transience of the human condition - making the invisible visible.'

Henry Fraser


Henry Fraser graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2001 (B.A. Honours Degree, Visual Communication) and exhibits throughout the UK.