Born in the United States, Kate Downie RSA (b 1958) now lives and works in Edinburgh. Downie is inspired by 'acts of engineering and human construction' 'amidst the seas, mountains and the envelope of air; concrete, asphalt, steel. glass and plastic.' Her 'edgescapes' explore tensions between natural and man-made environments, centuries of tradition, change and migration. She has worked extensively in Europe, the USA and China, reimagining Eastern and Western traditions of seeing in her art.

Downie’s assured, precise draftsmanship and eagerness to experiment with inks, watercolour, oils and printing techniques has continued to refine, invigorate and expand her practice.
Ever since living in Paris in the late 1980s Downie has 'been exploring the concept of La Place: a point in the land where many roads meet,' finding the poetry in everyday life and new ways of seeing.

Kate Downie RSA is represented in collections including the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Royal Scottish Academy, Aberdeen Art Gallery, the BBC and HM The Queen.