Danish born ceramic artist Lotte Glob (b 1944) lives and works on her Sculpture Croft by Loch Eribol, surrounded by the rugged Northwest Highlands UNESCO Geopark. On long hikes into the mountains Glob gathers rocks and sediments which she combines with different clays, sculpting and firing them in a process 'similar to the landscape’s volcanic origins.'


'To Lotte Glob the landscape is a living thing full of magic and reinvention. It is a place where a boulder may get up and walk off on stout sturdy legs. It is also a place of song and star-gazers. Glob takes inspiration and materials from here, and often offers them back as gifts to nature. The inspiration of her father (well-known archaeologist Peter Glob) is there too: the ancient peaty Tollund Man and the CoBrA artists.'
Tony Davidson, Director of Kilmorack Gallery

Exhibiting internationally since 1965, Lotte Glob moved to the North West Highlands in 1968. Her work is represented in public collections including the Museum of Fine Art, Copenhagen. Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh. Dundee Art Gallery Museum, Maclaurin Gallery Ayr. Victoria & Albert Library Collection, Paisley Museum & Gallery of Art Collections, Stirling University and private collections worldwide.