'I want the natural forms, colours and textures of the work to engage the viewer with a landscape beyond daily experience. As we develop, technologically, the surfaces we touch become increasingly synthetic and machine finished. I feel that what challenges us now is the reality of nature – wild, uncomfortable, dirty, unpackaged, visceral experience.'  Patricia Shone


Patricia Shone’s richly textured ceramics bring the power and constancy of mountains together with human touch. Ever conscious of generational footsteps upon the land, Shone’s work fuses ancient knowledge and raw material to create 'innately human vessels' of enduring strength and vulnerability.


'The visible presence of the rock beneath the thin soils of the Highlands reminds me of the real substance of life, and how fragile the veneer. The textures of my work are here on a massive scale in the mountains, and it’s fundamentally the same material. So here, on the Isle of Skye, inspiration is all around me, under my feet and in my hands.' Patricia Shone