The subjects of PAUL BLOOMER's incredible woodcuts and drawings range from the large urban works created before his move to the Shetland Isles in 1997. These are often on a vast scale containing the power of Peter Howson at his angriest, with a compassionate humanism. As a viewer of this early work, only the hardest heart would not feel for the subjects, people caught in a life they were not meant to live.


After BLOOMER's move to the Shetland Isles his work changed. He became reacquainted with nature and his subject matter morphed into birds, hills and the sea. In contrast to his earlier works, Shetland shows a paradise.


BLOOMER has underpinned both sets of works - the Black Country works and Shetland works - with meticulously planned compositions. I'm not sure how he achieves this so fully, but the result reflects a universe that ultimately is harmonious and powerful.