'I'm a self-taught artist inspired by medieval stained glass. My goal is to create exceptionally beautiful work with which to seduce the eye, but crucially, to deal with controversial subject matter, telling darkly humorous stories from modern life that question the absurdity of contemporary human behaviour.


As well as the traditional methods developed by medieval monks, I experiment with sandblasting, layering, engraving, glass beads, oil paints and inks. I make both light boxes and architectural pieces, but I want to elevate stained glass to be a contemporary art form in its own right, rather than it  always being subservient to religion or interior design.


I believe the storytelling power of stained glass has been forgotten, while the common assumption that it's a conservative art form clings on – this is what I want to challenge through my work.'


Pinkie Maclure


Pinkie Maclure's powerful storytelling and weepingly beautiful compositions  revolutionise the art of stained glass. Fearlessly examining 21st Century society and forging innovative new techniques, Maclure creates breathtaking illuminations with passion and verve.


Pinkie Maclure is represented in private and public collections including the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. Maclure's 'Green Man Searches for Wilderness' featured in Stephen Ellcock's book 'England on Fire', published in May 2022 by Watkins Publishing.