• KIRSTIE COHEN | video tour

    video tour of Kirstie Cohen's latest work
    by Tony Davidson

    Kilmorack walcomes you to view Kirstie Cohen's latest paintings in the company of Fairport Convention. 


  • KIRSTIE COHEN | Beyond the Frame

    New Work 27 April – 25 May 2020
    by Georgina Coburn
    KIRSTIE COHEN | Beyond the Frame
  • Transparency

    Introduction to Allan MacDonald exhibition
    by Georgina Coburn

    Gorgina Coburn introduces the work work of Allan MacDonald for his 2019 exhibition. 

  • North

    Inspirational Seas

    JANETTE KERR is known for her elemental paintings. Here she writes about the sea and why it is an inspiration.

  • Dispatches from Remote Places

    Allan MacDonald tells us why he paints
    by Allan MacDonald
    Allan MacDonald painting in Toridon
    Allan MacDonald painting in Toridon

    Kilmorack Gallery has been showing the work of ALLAN MACDONALD
    for over twenty years and in this time his work has moved from impesto so thick his moons and suns could be scooped out. Now his work is to lighter and more immediate. Many thanks to Allan MacDonald for contributing this insight into his work.