Call of the Sublime

Deeper than DNA
December 13, 2019
Call of the Sublime

The call of the sublime is one of the oldest songs around. It pulls us to ancient and pristine places: the rocky sea-beaten headland, the top of a mountain or into the heart of a forest. We need nature not just to feed and shelter us, but because ‘we are all stardust.’ Our connection to the sublime is deeper than DNA. Artists, especially those lucky enough to live and work in remoter parts of Scotland, are especially important in connecting us this ‘deep nature;’ for they remind us of it, and ensure it remains in both collective and personal consciences. What could be more important for the new decade, the twenty-twenties?

About the author

Tony Davidson

Tony Davidson founded Kilmorack Gallery in 1997. Born in Edinburgh, a lover of art and the Earth - and a resident of Kilmorack since the 1990s.

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