new art magazine - April, May 2018
portrait, stapple-bound
MAGALOGUE 1: new art magazine - April, May 2018
Publisher: Kilmorack Gallery
Dimensions: 21cm x 14.8cm
Pages: 28
£ 3.00

We are pleased to share with you our first 'Magalogue.' This new Scottish art magazine covers April and May 2018 and is available on-line and in print. Future editions will be published bi-monthly.


A magalogue is both a magazine to gives voice to artists, and a catalogue of work  seen in Kilmorack Gallery. Three short essays are included in each issue; as well as three questions to a chosen artist and three selected works by one artists, and images of other paintings and sculpture. 


This first issue includes three features:  


  • 'Dispatches from Remote Places' by ALLAN MACDONALD on why he paints,
  • 'Stillness and Flow' by PETER DAVIS on how watercolour can mirror the processes of nature
  • Art-writer Georgina Coburn writes on the work of sculptor STEVE DILWORTH.  
  • Edinburgh-based painter (and now sculptor as well) ALAN MCGOWAN answers three questions.


Plase contact the gallery if you wish to be sent a printed version or to be notified about the next issue. 


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