LOTTE GLOB | Eriboll Creatures: a solo exhibition

18 March - 15 April 2023
Lotte Glob’s first solo exhibition in Kilmorack
'Eriboll Creatures' has been evolving for over twenty years. It is Lotte Glob’s first solo exhibition in Kilmorack, and it includes a large selection of etchings, drawings and paintings as well as over 100 ceramic sculptures. As an exhibition, it is a coherent whole, the secret ecology of Loch Eriboll; and a lifetime’s ceramic knowledge is felt through the deceptive ease and fun of each sculpture. Glob’s deep understanding of place and both human and non-human culture adds to this exhibition’s power. It makes our world bigger.


Lotte Glob has been part of the ceramic landscape for a long time, for over fifty years in the north of Scotland alone, and in this time Glob’s work has become increasingly ground-breaking and sought after. She is well-known for leaving creatures in the hills as offering, and for letting the sea pick up 333 floating-stones before carrying them off; and for her rock pools, boulder-eyes, eternal wanderers, beautiful bowls and so many other things, but this is Lotte Glob’s first exhibition of her creatures, a project she has been working on for many years.


The result is an exhibition of over 100 sculptures as well as rarely seen paintings and etchings. They are of the friendly creatures that come to her from Loch Eriboll at the foot of her studio croft, and from her dreams, half-glimpsed things and from the clay itself. Each one is an individual which is hard to not love, so instead of a catalogue to celebrate and remember this exhibition, we have produced a illustrated book.


Three Questions to Lotte Glob