• May the Force be with Ade Adesina

    a song for the twenty-first century
    by Tony Davidson
    Ade Adesina - The Will be Light
    Ade Adesina - The Will be Light

    Art-dealer Tony Davidson muses on the work Nigerian-born and Aberdeen-based print maker of Ade Adesina. 

  • PINKIE MACLURE | Beauty Tricks

    Georgina Coburn explores the illuminating work of Pinkie Maclure.
    by Georgina Coburn
    PINKIE MACLURE | Beauty Tricks (detail) | stained glass | 120cm x 60cm
    PINKIE MACLURE | Beauty Tricks (detail) | stained glass | 120cm x 60cm

    Ancient techniques and images meet 21st Century context in the extraordinary work of Pinkie Maclure

  • Call of the Sublime

    Deeper than DNA
    by Tony Davidson
    Call of the Sublime

    Kilmorack Gallery is located in Inverness-shire, a place where the sublime is still very evident, so no surprise that it is so central to many of our artists. 



  • Transparency

    Introduction to Allan MacDonald exhibition
    by Georgina Coburn

    Gorgina Coburn introduces the work work of Allan MacDonald for his 2019 exhibition. 

  • World Tree

    Kapka Kassabova writes on trees and Ian Westacott
    by Kapka Kassabova
    Lake Munto Murray Pine | Ian Westacott and Raymond Arnold
    Lake Munto Murray Pine | Ian Westacott and Raymond Arnold

    Kapka Kassabova on the hidden power of trees and the work of Ian Westacott

  • JAMES NEWTON ADAMS | Three Questions

    Three quick questions to Skye-based faux-naive artist James Newton Adams. 

  • Some Pictures I haven't Done Yet

    work still to be created by Robert Powell
    by Robert Powell
    The Gourmet's Feast
    The Gourmet's Feast
  • Swirling Mental Mists

    Alan Macdonald on his artistic process
    by Alan Macdonald
    To Whom am I Speaking
    To Whom am I Speaking

    The work of Alan Macdonald captures us like few other artists. Here he tells of a mysterious and inspirational place. 

  • LOTTE GLOB | Three Questions

    Inspired by nature, archeology and experience Lotte Glob needs little introduction. Here are three short questions. Taken from Magalogue 2

  • North

    Inspirational Seas

    JANETTE KERR is known for her elemental paintings. Here she writes about the sea and why it is an inspiration.

  • The Power of the Perifery

    remote or not remote?
    by Tony Davidson
    The Power of the Perifery

    Tony Davidson, Director of Kilmorack Gallery, mulls on relative remoteness. From Magalogue 3. 

  • Only Darkness, 2018
    Only Darkness, 2018

    Few artists have as great a command of anatomy as Alan McGowan and there are just as few with his incredible painterly touch. Here are three questions to this Edinburgh-based artist. 

  • by Georgina Coburn
    Scored Stone, 2016
    Scored Stone, 2016

    Art writer Georgina Coburn’s thoughts on Harris based sculptor STEVE DILWORTH

  • Dispatches from Remote Places

    Allan MacDonald tells us why he paints
    by Allan MacDonald
    Allan MacDonald painting in Toridon
    Allan MacDonald painting in Toridon

    Kilmorack Gallery has been showing the work of ALLAN MACDONALD
    for over twenty years and in this time his work has moved from impesto so thick his moons and suns could be scooped out. Now his work is to lighter and more immediate. Many thanks to Allan MacDonald for contributing this insight into his work.

  • Stillness and Flow

    Peter Davis on his love of watercolour
    by Peter Davis
    Weisdale - the end of Summer
    Weisdale - the end of Summer

    Shetland-based artists PETER DAVIS illuminates fresh truths about the landscape with the most simple elements; water and pigment. Taken from Magalogue 1

  • A Church Reused

    A History of the Old Kilmorack Church
    by Tony Davidson
    A Church Reused

    We have been located in he beautiful Georgina church which was once the spiritual heart of Kilmorack and Beauly. Here is a brief history. 

  • by Tony Davidson
    SEVEN reasons to love Kilmorack

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