Mary Bourne’s sculpture reconnects us to the enduring force and fragility of Nature. She is highly attuned to nature’s cycles – the slow powerful curl of a wave or the delicate strength of a single leaf – which she captures, poetically and simply, in the permanence of stone.


Based in the Northeast of Scotland, Bourne’s work is significant in bringing us back to the natural world as a source of reflection and renewal. The passage of time and light is a strong element in her sculpture.

In her own words, Bourne’s Art is about “communication, not only between contemporaries but between generations: stone warmed and shaped by my hands will perhaps be warmed by the hands of someone in some unknowable time to come.”


Mary Bourne RSA MRBS (b 1963) graduated from Edinburgh College of Art. She has received many private and public commissions in the UK, creating interpretative artworks and working with architects Page/Park, Malcolm Fraser, the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust and Historic Environment Scotland.